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Expert RAID Recovery Services

Intelligent Data Recovery’s RAID Recovery Services are performed by experts, which increases the likelihood of success and efficiency of repairing your damaged RAID system.


The RAID recovery specialists at Intelligent Data Recovery are trained to reconstruct RAIDs of all types and recover data using specialized tools and techniques.  We specialize in the reconstruction and recovery of complex striped RAID systems, including RAID3 and RAID5 systems.


Whatever RAID system your organization uses, our experts can apply their training and skills to reconstructing your damaged RAID system and recover your valuable data.


Contact us today for a free assessment of your failed RAID system.  24/7 service available for emergency RAID recovery services.



RAID0 - Striped Arrays

RAID1 - Redundant Arrays

RAID3, RAID5, RAID10 - Recovery and Reconstruction

Detailed Analysis of RAID Stripes

RAID Recovery From Partial Set of Disks

With headquarters in Louisville, KY, we offer data recovery across the United States.  We have successfully recovered trillions of files for law enforcement agencies, computer repair firms, a variety of large and small organizations, as well as individuals.

24/7 emergency RAID recovery service is available.

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